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Why Invest In Hotel Rooms

Why Invest In Hotel Rooms

A hotel room investment can provide an immediate regular passive income with an exit strategy to deliver a lump sum profit when the property is sold. As an investor you enjoy a truly hands-free investment, benefit from the regular passive rental income and collect a lump-sum profit when you sell the property. Everything is fully-managed on your behalf, all have to do is simply write the cheque, sit back and collect the assured rental income having peace of mind in your investment.

When you consider other forms of investment such as Cash Deposit Account (1%), a FTSE 100 shares portflio (4%), and 10 year gilts (0.95%) it is clear to see a hotel room investment offers a much better ROI than any other asset class outside of property.

If you are looking for a high annual yield a hotel room investment can provide a far greater return on your investment compared to other assets.

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