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Why Invest In Care Rooms

Why Invest in Care Rooms

Sophisticated investors looking to diversify their portfolios have seen the gap in the market and are jumping into the care home asset class to add profitable care home properties to their property portflios.

Care home investments are high return investments and realistically provide the investors with a net return of up to 10%. With an investment of £95,000 you can enjoy £9,500 per year income. The entry level for care home investment is low and for a mere £65,000 you can enter this growing and lucrative market.

Another advantage of care home investments is that they are fully managed by the care home operators and this makes it a totally hands-free investment for you. The care home operators will be responsible for the care of the patient living in the care home as well as the maintenance of the property.

Apart from the traditional care homes for the elderly with medical needs, luxury care home investments are becoming very popular. The luxury care home facilities are becoming valuable investments as they attract high-paying residents, which means higher weekly incomes for you as the investor.

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